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Our arrival in Naples - our hotel

22/08/2010 | Napoli | 0 Comment |

Our arrival in Naples - our hotel

Our room

Nothing to tell about the flight - it was, as usual, tiring and uncomfortable. But it was only for a few hours, and we're accostumated to planes ! Each time we want to go to France, we have to flight during twelve hours, countless hours waiting.

At Naples airport, a woman from our hotel picked us up at the airport. She was speaking French very well, so we hadn't any communication problem at the beginning of the journey ; she helped us put our luggage in the bus and enjoyed the route to talk us about the city.

The Ramada Hotel, the one we booked, is well situated - it is directly across from the station, so we only have to cross the road to go there ! It is usefull because to go to Pompeii we have to take a train. Fantastic, isn't it ? 

The room is spacious although it is kitsch, and the staff is very warm. If I had to rate this hotel, I'd give it 9.5/10 !

Tomorrow we'll visit Herculaneum, a little rich Roman city a little bit like Pompeii but covered differently - more things have been saved of the catastrophy. It's about 30 minutes from Naples. I'd tell you how it was in the next entry !

I have to go ; we go out for dinner.


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21/08/2010 | | 0 Comment

From Marseilles to Paris

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22/08/2010 | Napoli | 0 Comment

Dinner at the Pizzeria Da Michele

A brieve entry to say that...

The dinner was so... mmh'! 
This pizza was the best I've ever ate ! Really, if you go to Naples, the Pizzeria Da Michele is unavoidable. A few steps from Garibaldi Square, we could go walking.
After the meal, we have stopped in a "gelateria", to taste Italian Ice Cream. He have not been disappointed : if Mom had merely ...

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