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Dinner at the Pizzeria Da Michele

22/08/2010 | Napoli | 0 Comment |

Dinner at the Pizzeria Da Michele

A brieve entry to say that...

The dinner was so... mmh'! Rigolant
This pizza was the best I've ever ate ! Really, if you go to Naples, the Pizzeria Da Michele is unavoidable. A few steps from Garibaldi Square, we could go walking.
After the meal, we have stopped in a "gelateria", to taste Italian Ice Cream. He have not been disappointed : if Mom had merely a sorbet, I decided to make a "small" excess and has allowed me a delicious Kinder and Nutella ice cream. Just de-li-cious. That was the first time I ate Kinder ice cream, and I can tell you it's the best one in the whole world ! No, I don't exaggerate.

Well, that meal wasn't exactly diet food, but Italy is the country of great food, isn't it?

Good night, dear readers, and don't forget to come tomorrow night to read my next entry on... Herculaneum Clin d'œil

I can't stand waiting anymore! Langue tirée



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